Tom Langelaar

Tom Langelaar

PhD student

+31 20 512 8692 Marleen Kok Karin de Visser

To finish my master’s degree Infection & Immunity at Utrecht University I joined the lab of Gabriel Victora at Rockefeller University in 2023. Here I worked on uncovering antibody-mediated feedback mechanisms in ongoing germinal center reactions.

In February 2024 I joined the labs of Marleen Kok and Karin de Visser as a PhD student. Where I will use the knowledge on the dynamics of lymph nodes gained during my previous internship to better understand the importance and immune landscape of lymph nodes in breast cancer patients that receive immunotherapy. Joining both labs gives me a unique opportunity to validate mechanistic insights elucidated in vivo with human samples and pursue hypotheses that arise from clinical trials in pre-clinical models.

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