Rianne Rolfes

Rianne Rolfes

PhD student

+31 20 512 2057 r.rolfes@nki.nl Marleen Kok Hugo Horlings

In 2019 I finished studying medicine at the VU University in Amsterdam. During my study I got the opportunity to do a minor in Biomedicine in Lund, Sweden, which sparked my interest in immunology and translational research. After my studies, I started working for almost a year as a clinical doctor not in training at the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital. This strengthened my interest in doing research focused on (immuno-) oncology and in December 2023 I joined the group of Marleen Kok as a PhD student. 

The main focus of my research will be setting up and coordinating the OPTIMAL study. The aim of this study will be to optimise treatment for patients with early stage triple-negative breast cancer with high sTILs by safely omitting systemic therapy. Besides, I will study the immune landscape of breast cancer and focus on novel therapies for oligometastatic breast cancer.  

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