Michiel De Maaker

Michiel de Maaker


+31 20 512 2034 m.d.maaker@nki.nl Marleen Kok Core Facility Molecular Pathology & Biobanking

In March 2017 I started as technician to work on the TONIC trial. This study investigates the effect and effectiveness of treatment with the new drug nivolumab (immunotherapy). The new drug is administered after a low dose of radiation or chemotherapy. I also continued my work with the Young Boost Trial.

The main objective of theYoung Boost trial is to compare the effect of a high boost dose (26 Gy) with a low boost dose (16 Gy) in breast conserving therapy, on the local recurrence rate.

Additional objectives are:

To test the genotypic and phenotypic profiles of breast tumors in young patients with invasive breast cancer, and its relation  to:

a. Local recurrence after breast conserving treatment
b. Lymph node metastases
c. Distant metastases and survival
d. Radio sensitivity
e. Age

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