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Genomics Core Facility

Next generation sequencing or deep sequencing is our core business. We have a team of 10 people, both wet lab technicians and bioinformaticians, to support the research application of this technology using two Illumina HiSeq2500 sequencers and a MiSeq machine.

The applications for this technology are widespread, still growing and are common practice in the institute. Every aspect of the deep sequencing process is supported by the GCF that, as a facility, has a large body of experience and knowledge. The facility has been using Illumina technology from the early onset of the NGS development in 2009 and therefore we are now in a position to support the users with clear advice as to how the experiment should be designed to increase the success rate of the experiment.  We are open to suggestions and are flexible in the way users want to have their samples analyzed with regard to sequence depth and numbers of libraries that are pooled in multiplexed experiments.

The facility is set up according to a fee-for-service model where the material and chemistry cost prize is the main factor that determines the fee, this makes our support very affordable compared to external service providers. 

Facility users can provide cells or tissues as starting material but we also work with purified RNA or DNA as well as ready to sequence DNA libraries. All the necessary equipment for the preparation of sequence libraries and the associated quality control steps are in house. For some applications, like RNAseq, we run the sample preparation in 96-wells format.

The bulk of the experiments are performed using validated Illumina protocols and kits, but extensive experience has made it possible to either adapt, or develop new protocols for creating sequencing libraries. This is often done in close collaboration with the end user. New developments are closely followed and can be implemented relatively quickly. As an example we now support single cell sequencing using 10X Genomics workflows that allow single cell RNA profiling as well as T-cell receptor sequencing and single cell CNVseq.

The data generated by the sequencing machines is stored on a central server system and analyzed by the facilities bioinformaticians. All data can also be made directly available to the user in the desired format. We have pipelines for demultiplexing the data, the alignment of the reads to genomes of choice and experiment specific downstream analysis. We can provide the results in tabular or graphical formats or prepare them for visualization in genome viewers like IGV (

For internal users we support a Central database sample tracking website: which can be accessed via standard NKI username and password systems.



HiSeq2500 (2x), MiSeq, cBot (2x), Perkin Elmer NGSx Sciclone Workstation, Covaris, Agilent BioAnalyzer (3x), Perkin Elmer-Gx system, 10X Genomics Chromium.

Published Manuscripts:

1.Drug-induced histone eviction from open chromatin contributes to the chemotherapeutic effects of doxorubicin.
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2.Identification of recurrent FGFR3 fusion genes in lung cancer through kinome-centered RNA sequencing.
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J Pathol. 2013 May 9. doi: 10.1002/path.4209. [Epub ahead of print]
PMID: 23661334 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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5.SERPINA6, BEX1, AGTR1, SLC26A3, and LAPTM4B are markers of resistance to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in HER2-negative breast cancer.
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9.A barcode screen for epigenetic regulators reveals a role for the NuB4/HAT-B histone acetyltransferase complex in histone turnover.
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39.Two E2F sites control growth-regulated and cell cycle-regulated transcription of the Htf9-a/RanBP1 gene through functionally distinct mechanisms.
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People working at the Genomics Core Facility

Kerkhoven, Ron.jpg

Ron Kerkhoven

Head of the facility, Ph.D.


I was trained as a molecular biologist at the Free University of Amsterdam where I did my PhD on comparative neurobiology involving histology, anatomy and molecular biology on brains of insects, mollusks, reptiles and vertebrates.  As a post-doc at the NKI, I made monoclonal antibodies to dioxins in the lab of Erik Kriek and later to E2F transcription factors in the lab of René Bernards. There I got interested in transcription regulation resulting in the set-up of the KWF/NKI microarray facility in 2000 that has since developed into the Genomics Core Facility.  

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Arno Velds

Senior bioinformatician

Personal details


Immediately after obtaining my MSc at Wageningen University I started working as the bioinformatician at, what was then, the NKI Microarray facility. The microarray facility evolved into a next generation sequencing facility where I'm now responsible for all bioinformatic aspects like storage, processing and analysis. I like to work in close collaboration with a biologist and together squeeze answers from sometimes massive datasets.

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De Rink, Iris.jpg

Iris de Rink


Personal details


In 2009 I graduated from the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen where I've studied bio-informatics. After my graduation I started to work as a bioinformatician at the Genomics Core Facility within the NKI. My main focus is to support researchers with the analysis of their sequencing data.

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Silhouette vrouw

Marja Nieuwland

Head Technician, BSc.


I started working at the NKI in 2005, at that time still a microarray Facility which has now evolved to the Genomics Core Facility. As a head technician I am well experienced in all library preparation applications and operating the HiSeq and Miseq sequencing machines, but my main focus and interest lies in setting up and in the development of new applications. Beside my work in the lab I act as contact concerning questions about sample flow, experimental setup, time planning and financial aspects.  I like working at the Genomics Core Facility, contribute to all great experiments that are done within the NKI and working with the newest techniques.

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Roel Kluin


Personal details


After studying Biomedical sciences at the University of Amsterdam and a decade of autodidact Linux open source developer, bioinformatician at NKI's genetics core facility seemed the right position to include my skills and stay in touch with the wetlab. Handling the sequencer output and deducing from it answers, to each experiments variety of research questions, are challenges I like in my day to day work. I am specialized in capture bait design, the alignment pipeline and data management, single-, paired-end or whole genome data analysis. Including, but not limited to variantcalling and effect prediction.

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Silhouette man

Wim Brugman

Technician, BSc.

Personal details


Technician with background in proteomics and microarray printing , performs RNA amplification and labeling, Illumina/Nimblegen hybridization, Perkin Elmer SciClone robot operator  and RNAseq library preparation from fresh frozen and FFPE material.

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