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29Jan 2019

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Emile Voest, Anastassis Perrakis en Jannie Borst join Oncode

Three group leaders and their research groups from the Netherlands Cancer Institute join Oncode Institute per 2019. A selection committee of (inter)national experts selected  19 researchers from 160 applicants. With over 800 cancer researchers the Oncode team is now complete.

Medical director, medical oncologist and scientist Emile Voest aims to answer questions such as: how are tumor cells recognized by the immune system? And how do they escape? Group leader Anastassis (Tassos) Perrakis of the Biochemistry division investigates macromolecular structures (large molecules), in order to eventually translate basic research into new therapies. Group leader and head of the division Tumor Biology & Immunology Jannie Borst investigates, among other things, how cytotoxic T-cells fight tumors.


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