Anastassis Perrakis

Group leader

+31 20 512 1951

My team at the NKI focuses on structural and biophysical aspects of the exciting cellular mechanisms relevant to cancer. Our main projects are focusing around the function and structure of Autotaxin, a lysolipid phosphodiesterase and carrier involved in many aspects of human health, and on mechanisms that control tubulin interactions, with a specific focus in additional aspects of regulating chromatid separation in mitosis. Our research continues to be complemented by the activity in developing methods for automated protein model building, with our latest venture being PDB_REDO.

My team is playing an active role in several European initiatives in integrative Structural Biology, such as the iNEXT and iNEXT-Discovery Horizon2020 grants which we are coordinating, and in the Instruct-ERIC project.

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