Online cognitive assessment: development of the Amsterdam Cognition Scan

To improve the measurement of cognitive functions, we developed, together with the two Amsterdam universities, the Amsterdam Cognition Scan. This test battery is administered, unmonitored, online to patients using their own home computer or laptop. The Amsterdam Cognition Scan contains computerized analogues of seven classic tests that are used in research and clinical practice. Many domains of cognitive functioning that are relevant to the effects of cancer treatment are included: attention, processing speed, learning and memory, executive functioning and psychomotor speed. The psychometric properties of the ACS have been extensively studied. The ACS is available in the Dutch, Swedish and English (USA, UK). We are currently working on a French, Spanish and German version. A large normative dataset is available for the Dutch ACS. International studies to collect normative data are currently being initiated. Further improvements to the ACS include feedback options, extension of tests and an tablet version.

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