Sanne Schagen

Cognition and cancer

Cognitive function in cancer patients

Cognitive impairment is a complication of cancer and cancer therapies with substantial impact, as even mild cognitive problems can affect occupational, familial and social life resulting in diminished quality of life and inability to be part of the workforce. Successful management is hampered by a lack of (1) adequate assessment of cognitive symptoms, and (2) knowledge of the pathophysiology of these symptoms. Both are a prerequisite for interventions that can improve patients’ cognitive function.

The vision of the cognition group to is to optimize the cognitive function of cancer patients (both CNS and non-CNS), given their circumstances. To realize this vision, we aim to:

  • Screen and monitor cognitive functioning in cancer patients.
  • Understand the mechanisms behind cognitive decline in cancer patients.
  • Develop and implement interventions to prevent or diminish cognitive decline.

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