i-Work. A cognitive rehabilitation for occupationally active cancer survivors.

Cognitive problems are common in non-CNS cancer survivors. These problems are perceived as an important contributor to affect job performance and work ability. We developed and internet-based cognitive intervention programme for occupationally active cancer survivors.

A three-armed randomized controlled trial including two intervention groups and a waitlist control group is currently in progress. 260 cancer survivors who have returned to work and who experience cognitive problems are recruited. Patients with and without cognitive dysfunction are eligible. The high-intensity arm will contain a comprehensive training programme (including psycho-education, fatigue management and cognitive strategy training) with individual guidance. The low-intensity arm will contain a brief cognitive training programme (including psycho-education and fatigue management) without individual guidance. The primary outcome will be accomplishment of an individually defined work-related treatment goal.

To ensure the sustainability of our program, if effective, we sought collaboration with the UMCU, the AmsterdamUMC and MUCM to create a national available online cognitive rehabilitation platform, together with Jouw Omgeving. The platform contains generic modules (relevant for all patients with cognitive problems) and specific modules (focusing on target groups, i.e., cancer patients).

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