Science Retreat

Interdisciplinary collaboration is central to our group and to stimulate close teamwork between our diverse researchers, we go on a science retreat every year!
For a couple of days, we go abroad and bring all our minds together.

This year Lindsay and Gijs organized the trip and took all of us to the sun in Marrakech. During this event, everyone gets to present innovative and creative ideas about how to fight and cure cancer, which always ends in unexpected discussions and big ideas about the future. You get the chance to fully zoom out and look at the bigger picture of your research and others from different angles.
This academic adventure is balanced out with other fun group activities.
After a day of exciting talks and group discussions, we got to blow off some steam and took a tour through one of the beautiful deserts of Morocco.

On the last night, we went out to a restaurant in Marrakech to celebrate our successful exchange of ideas with drinks and a delicious dinner.
The retreat is a unique opportunity for our group to bond and it has fueled many new research ideas and collaborations.

We had a lot of fun organizing it and can’t wait until next year!

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