Cervellara 2
Cervellara 2

Michele Cervellera

PhD student

m.cervellera@nki.nl Kees Jalink

I started my doctoral studies in September 2023 under flIMAGIN3d ,a Marie Curie International Training Network, joining Professor Ruslan Dmitriev's laboratory (Ghent University) , co-supervised by Prof. Kees Jalink at NKI (Netherlands Cancer Institute) where I’m spending my training period. My project is focused on developing FRET sensors for FLIM readouts of mechano-biological sensing in cancer imaging. I’m an enthusiast user of TCSPC and FD-FLIM microscopes hoping to improve and bring new discoveries in the amazing world of live cell imaging and fluorescence lifetime microscopy.

Field of expertise:

Organic Chemistry


Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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