Kat Moore

Kat Moore


+31 20 512 9055 k.moore@nki.nl Lodewyk Wessels Marleen Kok

I obtained my PhD in molecular biology from the University of Amsterdam in 2018. My PhD project at Sanquin Research focused upon the role of RNA-binding proteins in regulating translation during erythropoiesis.

I started working at the NKI in 2018. I am experienced in statistical modeling and machine learning built upon immunological biomarkers and multi-omics expression data, especially (bulk and single cell) RNAseq. My past work includes investigation of molecular mechanisms related to poor outcome in post-partum breast cancer, and reproducibility of blood-based classifiers for breast and ovarian cancer screening. My current work involves multi-omics analysis of treatment resistance mechanisms in colorectal cancer and investigation of immunotherapy (and therapy-related endocrinopathies) in breast cancer.

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