Jelle van Schooten

Jelle van Schooten

Postdoctoral fellow

+31 20 512 1471 Karin de Visser

In September 2022, I successfully obtained my PhD at the University of Amsterdam. I performed my PhD research in the group of Prof. dr. Rogier W. Sanders and dr. Marit J. van Gils at the Laboratory of Experimental Virology (Amsterdam UMC, location AMC). My research focused on the characterization of HIV-1 antibody responses in HIV-1 infected humans and HIV-1 vaccinated animals to guide vaccine design. During my master’s degree and doctoral studies, I also had the opportunity to work in the group of Prof. dr. Pamela Bjorkman (California Institute of Technology) and Prof. dr. Andrew Ward's lab (Scripps Research Institute). These experiences allowed me to broaden my knowledge and skills in structural biology and protein-protein interactions.

Throughout my PhD I developed a strong interest in the intricate interactions between proteins and their impact on immunological function. In May 2023, I started as a postdoctoral fellow in the group of Karin de Visser to further pursue this interest. My current research focuses on studying the interaction between CD8+ T cells and tumor cells, with a particular emphasis on understanding the influence of immunosuppressive cells on these interactions. By understanding the complex interactions between T cells and tumor cells we hope to identify novel targets for immunotherapy.


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