Zanetti 2
Zanetti 2

Giulia Zanetti

PhD student

+39 3468534358 Kees Jalink

I'm a Pharmaceutical Biotechnologist, passionate about molecular biology and cancer research.

In November 2023 I started my Ph.D. journey in Professor Kees Jalink's group at the Netherlands Cancer Institute within the MSCA Doctoral Network FLImagin3D. My project is focused on studying the dynamics of cell signaling pathways in FRET-FLIM-based pooled screening assays. This approach involves using viral CRISPR gene knockout libraries to randomly knock down one single gene per cell within a large population. The data generated from this assay is going to be subjected to image-based analysis using novel machine learning algorithms that will allow the proper and logical classification of the knockout.

Field of expertise: Cell signaling, FRET-FLIM microscopy, CRISPR


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