541164 Holthuis

Emily Holthuis

PhD Student

e.holthuis@nki.nl Winette van der Graaf Olga Husson

In September 2022, I joined the group Husson and van der Graaf as a PhD student. Here, my project focuses on the diagnostic pathway and Quality of life in sarcoma patients. To do so, I aim to:

  • Quantify diagnostic intervals (including patient, general practitioner, hospital and system delay) and evaluate routes to diagnosis
  • Evaluate risk factors (including but not limited to demographic, socioeconomic, clinical, psychosocial and health care system) of diagnostic delay
  • Determine the association between diagnostic delay and outcomes (health-related quality of life, QALYs, patient satisfaction, tumour stage, progression free survival and overall survival)
  • Compare diagnostic delay, referral pathways, determinants and outcomes between The Netherlands and England

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