Elham Beyranvand Nejad

Elham Beyranvand Nejad

Postdoctoral fellow

+31 20 512 1471 e.beyranvandnejad@nki.nl Karin de Visser

I obtained my PhD in the lab of Prof. S.H. van der Burg at Leiden University Medical Center where I studied the underlying mechanisms of success and failure of chemo-immunotherapy focusing on the role of immune cells. To expand my knowledge in tumor Biology, I moved to the lab of Prof. Douglas Hanahan at EPFL/Agora Cancer Research Center, Lausanne, Switzerland in which I investigated the regulatory mechanisms of a cancer cell intrinsic barrier to immune destruction of tumors.

In January 2023, I joined the lab of Prof. Karin de Visser as a postdoctoral fellow to study how the genetic makeup of the tumor will impact the tumor immune landscape and further response to therapy.

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