Mouse Cancer Clinic

Animal facility - Breeding

The Breeding unit within our LAC comprises seven animal holdings with room for 5000+  disposable IVC cages. We take pride in maintaining Specific Pathogen-Free (SOPF) status for nearly a decade. This commitment ensures the health and well-being of our animals, contributing to the reliability of our research outcomes.

We make use of a digital animal/colony management system (Promas) in which we track pedigrees, monitor breeding pairs, and optimize genetic diversity.

Our team specializes in various breedings:

  • Inbred
  • Back cross
  • Timed matings
  • Immunodeficient animals (nude and NSG mice)
  • GEMM lines
  • Use of automated genotype program (external)
  • And the possibility to perform speed congenics and background analyses (external) for more efficient breeding and maintaining stable congenic mouse strains

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