Genomics facility

Genomics Core facility

The Genomics Core Facility offers Next Generation Sequencing services using Illumina sequencing equipment (NovaSeq6000, HiSeq2500, NextSeq550 and MiSeq). Next generation sequencing is a very versatile technology that has applications in many different experiments.

Sequence data is used to discover mutations in the genome, exome or smaller targeted gene sets. We can detect genome wide copy-number variations, analyze RNA expression levels or read complete inventories of proteins binding to DNA. We readout the results of functional genetic screens (CRISP/r) or chromosomal interaction maps (4C). Single cells RNAseq analysis is done on ten thousands of cells individually.

In addition to the wet lab part the facility also provides data storage and bioinformatics support. We perform demultiplexing, alignments, differential expression analysis and algorithm building for dedicated solutions in data analysis. Investigators have the option to hand in cells, tissue, tumor, RNA, DNA or prepared sequence libraries for analysis.

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