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Bioinformatician in Voest Lab - Precision Oncology and Innovative Immunotherapies

Function description

We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Bioinformatician (at least 4-years of experience) with a passion for precision medicine and immunotherapy to join the Voest group, as consistent go-to person working with the massive datasets of our precision medicine initiatives. You will have a central role in the team, working closely together with our highly multidisciplinary, international team of bioinformaticians, clinicians and wet-lab scientists to support the development of novel strategies for precision oncology and immunotherapy. In our team, you will have the opportunity to directly impact patient care with your computational abilities.

  • Analyze and interpret genomic with matched clinical data from leading precision medicine initiatives, such as the HMF database (Priestley et al., Nature, 2019) and DRUP study (van der Velden et al., Nature, 2019).
  • Work closely with clinical teams to identify genomic biomarkers and contribute to patient stratification for clinical trials.
  • Use statistical and machine learning methods to identify patterns and relationships between genomics data and clinical outcomes.
  • Collaborate with experimentalists to design experiments and ensure high quality of data generation and processing.
  • Develop and implement new computational methods and pipelines to improve data analysis and interpretation, including for spatial transcriptomics.
  • Communicate findings and results to scientific and clinical teams through presentations, reports, and publications.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in genomics-based precision medicine and immunotherapy and apply them to ongoing research projects.

Job requirements

  • At least 4 years of working experience in bioinformatics, computer science, or a related field, preferably within the context of cancer research and/or immunology.
  • A drive and inherent excitement for advancing genomics-based precision medicine and immunotherapy concepts and applications.
  • A highly organized personality, with the ability to deliver consistency and structure to the team.
  • Strong experience in analyzing genomic data using established pipelines and software tools. Experience with spatial transcriptomics is a plus.
  • Familiarity with next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies and data analysis workflows.
  • Experience with statistical and/or machine learning methods for data analysis and interpretation.
  • Strong programming skills in one or more languages (such as Python, R, Bash, etc.).
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with proficiency in English and the ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary team environment.


Depending on experience, your salary will be between €3.434,- and €4.842 ,- gross per month, based on a 36-hour working week. This is in accordance with the FWG 55 job scale. The basis for your employment conditions is in accordance with the collective labor agreement for hospitals.

You will also be working closely together with established scientists of our institute and beyond, sharing the department with the groups of Daniel Peeper, Ton Schumacher, John Haanen, Daniela Thommen, and Christian Blank, while closely collaborating with several other (international) teams, including the bioinformatics group of Lodewyk Wessels. Offering a unique blend of culture, innovation, and creativity, Amsterdam is an attractive destination for professionals from all over the world. 

If you are passionate about using your computational skills to drive precision oncology and innovate cancer immunotherapy, please submit your application including a cover letter and CV. Apply by the 'Interested' or 'Apply now' button at the bottom of the page.

The NKI values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that stimulates the best in each individual. Applications of all individuals are welcomed regardless of age, ancestry, religion, disability, distance from the labor market, sexual orientation or gender identity.


  • Hours per week: 36
  • Salary level: FWG 55
Mylene van der Velden

Mylene van der Velden

Emile  Voest

Emile Voest

Group leader

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