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  • How genes express themselves

    The DNA in our cells contains the information necessary for our body to function. In order to have an effect though, this information needs to be translated into proteins. PhD student Ruiqi Han studied how cells regulate the complex molecular processes that play a role here. He found a direct link between the transcription of DNA into a messenger (mRNA) and the regulation of translations of this message into a functional protein. On Thursday he will defend his thesis. Good Luck Ruiqi!

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  • Immunologist Daniela Thommen wins Pfizer Science Award

    On 7 February,  Daniela Thommen, senior postdoc in the Schumacher lab, has been awarded a  Pfizer Forschungspreis  for her innovative  Nature Medicine paper, published in June 2018, about so-called exhausted T cells which turned out not to be so exhausted after all. 

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