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Working at the NKI

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Find out more about working at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Throughout the year we have vacancies for group leaders, postdoctoral fellows, Ph.D. students and technicians. Also, for masters students and student technicians we offer rotation projects. Below we have listed the current vacancies. If you are interested in a position at our institute, please contact one of our group leaders.

We offer a stimulating and interactive research environment, state of the art facilities, a competitive salary (including possibilities for additional tax-reduction for non-Dutch employees) and housing facilities in the vicinity of the Institute. Researchers at the Netherlands Cancer Institute have no teaching obligations.

On the  Education page you can see which vacancies are currently available for Ph.D. students and postdocs.


The NKI has a sizeable postdoc community of approximately 180 scientist. It is a highly international community with fifty percent of postdocs hailing from 28 various nations, besides the Netherlands. To support this diverse community, an active postdoc committee, postdocs@NKI, was started in 2011.

Click here to read more about out aims and activities.

Job opportunities

Postdoc Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

PhD Student – Cell Cycle & Chromosome Biology

Postdoc Fysicus Treatment Planning

PhD student Computational Biology

Postdoc Transcription factors in the 3D genome

(senior) Proefdierverzorger

Senior Postdoc position for MR medical physics and/or biomedical computing

PhD student / Postdoctoral fellow

Software Developer for Department of Radiotherapy

PhD student/Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdocs - Chromatin Genomics

Postdoc Developing Combination targeted- and immuno-therapies

System Administrator for Scientific Computing

Post-doc MRI-fysica op de afdeling Radiotherapie

Promovendus / Onderzoeker in Opleiding - Klinische Farmacologie

Postdoc treatment plan adaptation MR-Linac

Postdoc - The role of AR in stromal regulation of prostate cancer


OIO / PHD student Molecular Genetics

PhD Student Radiobiology

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