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Technology Transfer Office


The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) protects and manages the intellectual property created within the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI).

The TTO has two major activities:

  • Providing research support
    TTO helps NKI researchers and clinicians in concluding contractual agreements around research  collaborations and -materials, both with other academic research institutions as well as with industry. Our aim is to take away the hassle and deliver a fast and professional service to the  research base at NKI to allow research to proceed as quickly as possible, while at the same time protecting the interests of the organization and the academic freedom of our researchers.
  • Advancing the application of NKI research results in healthcare
    One of the major aims of the Netherlands Cancer Institute is to see its scientific breakthroughs  being turned into novel products and services that  benefit cancer patients and their families. On occasion, NKI applies for patent protection for promising new technology developed within the institution as a means to attract investment from companies for new product development. TTO manages the patent portfolio and other intellectual property assets of the institute and  actively engages with life science/healthcare companies and investors who have the commitment  and resources to bring our innovations to the market.

In addition, TTO also handles all consultancy agreements for the institute and has a sizeable portfolio of research materials which it licenses to industry

Contact TTO:

General enquiries
Phone: +31 20 512 1999


TTO is located in the O-building opposite the main entrance of the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital.

You may find us on the top floor, rooms O3-026 and O3-028.

Further information

Technology transfer: What and why?
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Tech transfer: What and why?


Academic research organizations typically excel at producing and isseminating new knowledge. Scientific breakthroughs draw interest and enthusiasm from the research community when they are announced at an academic conference or published in a scientific journal. Many potential benefits are likely to remain untapped, however, if no further investment is made in turning such breakthroughs into products. Because academic research organizations typically lack the knowledge and resources that are required for product development, most often such investment requires the involvement of companies or investors that work on a commercial basis.

Valorization - creating economic and social value through the application of academic research results - is becoming increasingly important and should be encouraged, always with due respect to the freedom of the academic researcher. The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) is an international center of innovative cancer research and tries to maximize the potential impact of its research results. It does so by allowing the commercial use of such results and specialist knowledge to companies who have the commitment and resources to transform these into products and services that improve diagnosis, treatment and/or quality of life for cancer patients through a process called 'knowledge and technology transfer'.

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About us
Sluiten Sluit icoon

About us

Effective Technology transfer requires a combination of skills, which is reflected in the backgrounds of the various people from the NKI TTO team:

Galama, Hylke.jpg

Hylke Galama, LLM

Legal Counsel


Phone: +31 20 512 6094


Hylke has obtained her degree in Law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam and she performed her masters on IP and Law. In 1998 she started working at IBM and during the last seven year at IBM she worked as a negotiator at IBM legal, where she has obtained extensive knowledge and expertise in contracting and negotiating on a national and international level. She started her function as legal counsel at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in August 2009.

Frank Hoorn.jpg

Frank Hoorn,

Office Manager


Phone: +31 20 512 1999


Frank joined the TTO of NKI in June 2006 and has a background in (financial) administration. He handles the incoming and outgoing research and commercialization agreements and deals with MTA requests from other academic research institutes. Importantly, Frank is also instrumental in monitoring licensing obligations and royalty reporting and processes the financial administration of the TTO.


Marije Marsman,

Senior business developer


Phone: +31 20 512 6071


Marije Marsman studied Medical Biology at the University of Amsterdam (1999). In 2005 she obtained her PhD from the University of Leiden on research performed at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. She continued to work for the Netherlands Cancer Institute as a Postdoc until 2006. During this period she developed expertise in the main areas of molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and biochemistry. In 2007 Marije worked as a Patent Information Specialist at Organon. Until 2009 Marije worked as a Trainee Patent Attorney at Vereenigde. Prior to her employment at the NKI Technology Transfer Office (TTO) Marije worked as a business developer for the LUMC-TTO LURIS. In her job as a Business Developer at the NKI-TTO Marije is responsible for the commercialization/valorization of NKI's Intellectual Property.

Stephanie de Meza.jpg

Stephanie de Meza, LLM



Phone: +31 20 512 6084


Stephanie obtained her master's degree in Private Law at the University of Amsterdam in 2013. She also holds a degree in law (HBO-Rechten) from the University of Applied Sciences in Leiden (2005-2009) and a Bachelor's degree in law from the University of Amsterdam (2009-2012). The combination of legal know-how and practical experience gained from her different studies gives her a unique perspective in the daily goings-on at the TTO. Stephanie has experience with legal and administrative duties thanks to internships and a job as an administrative assistant. As paralegal of the TTO Stephanie handles incoming MTAs, consultancy agreements, NDAs, sponsor agreements and also lends a helping hand in other administrative duties.

Raven, Anje.jpg

Anje  Raven, MSc

Technology Transfer Associate


Phone: +31 20 512 6280


Anje studied Biology and Medical Laboratory Research at the Hanze Hogeschool in Groningen (2004-2008). Thereafter started the master Biomedical Sciences in Leiden and finished her management master in June 2012. After doing an internship at technology transfer office (TTO) of Leiden University (LU) and Leiden University Medical center (LUMC), got a position at the TTO of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) in October 2012 and since April 2013 holds a position as business developer at the TTO of the NKI.
Her responsibilities include commercialization of research materials (mostly antibodies, cell lines and mice), support in arranging collaboration agreements,  organizing company visits and support in managing the patent portfolio of the NKI.

Verhoef, Koen.jpg

Koen Verhoef, PhD



Phone: +31 20 512 1998


Koen holds a PhD in molecular virology and started his career in tech transfer when he joined the Medical Research Council in 2001 as a technology transfer manager  (through its London-based subsidiary company MRC Technology). Upon return to the Netherlands, Koen founded the TTO at VU University medical centre in Amsterdam - which later expanded its activities to also include VU  University - where he was responsible for IP and licensing until moving to NKI in May 2009. Koen served as a board member of ASTP-Proton, the European professional association for technology transfer, from 2010 - 2014 and is a Registered Technology Transfer Professional (RTTP).

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Research-related Contracts
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Research-related Contracts


Collaborative projects, consultancy and contract research

NKI researchers and clinicians frequently collaborate with companies or other research organizations in research projects in which they have an academic interest.

They may on occasion also provide services at the request of companies or other organizations as long as these services compatible with the mission of NKI. These services may take the form of professional advice (consultancy) or or may involve contract research in areas in which NKI has particular expertise or resources that are not readily available elsewhere.

The TTO of the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) supports researchers in negotiating, drafting and monitoring the agreements that are concluded around these research projects and services.

For information on collaborative and/or contract research opportunities and access to expertise for consultancy work at NKI, please contact: or phone +31 20 512 1999

Other research-related agreements for:


  • Digital_Microscopy.jpg
Reagents for licensing
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Reagents for licensing


Companies can gain access to Research Materials developed at NKI for commercial use:



  • Monoclonal
  • Polyclonal


Cell lines


  • Transporter proteins/pharmacokinetic studies
  • Stem cells




  • Mouse models of cancer
  • Knock-out mice
  • Transgenic mice
  • Chemistry_03.jpg
Technologies for licensing
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Technologies for licensing

The opportunities will follow soon...

  • Cryobank.jpg
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Spin-off companies from the NKI


  • Digital_Microscopy.jpg
News and events
Sluiten Sluit icoon

News and events



  • July 2014: NKI concludes a collaboration agreement with Bionovion revenue from commercialisation activities in 2013 increases to 4,27 M €, around 5,7% of the annual research budget of NKI
  • June 2014: NKI partners with Pivot Park Screening Centre (Oss, NL) and Leiden University in the creation of the 'Cancer Drug Discovery
  • Initiative' (CDDI). This initiative aims to develop small molecule drugs against novel cancer targets and to partner these molecules with industry for further preclinical and clinical development, May 2014: NKI concludes a collaboration and license agreement with Forma Therapeutics


  • 1 October 2014: workshop 'Intellectual property in research' (post-doc committee), NKI, Amsterdam
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Success stories
Sluiten Sluit icoon

Success stories originating from NKI research


  • Mammaprint: prognostic test determining the chance of recurrence of breast cancer after surgery
  • Image-guided radiation therapy: revolutionizing radiotherapy through increased accuracy and reducing damage to healthy tissue
  • CA 15-3 test: monitoring of breast cancer therapy response and early recurrence
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