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09Jan 2019

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PhD Defence Ewald van Dyk: Detecting cancer genes by counting DNA copies

Promotie Ewald van Dijk (blauw)

There are two main genetic mechanisms that can activate or suppress cancer genes: DNA mutations and alterations in the DNA copy number. Ewald van Dyk, who will defend his PhD thesis on Wednesday, January 9th, at Delft University of Technology, focused on the latter. He designed a statistical framework, based on copy number profiles, for finding peak regions on the genome that are likely to harbor both oncogenes and tumor suppressors for any given cancer type. Ewald van Dyk: 'If we consider only DNA copy number alterations, ignoring all other sources such as mutation data, we can already detect hundreds of such regions. One cannot help but wonder just how many genes are causally linked to cancer.'

Ewald van Dyk conducted his PhD research in the Lodewyk Wessel lab and is currently working as a postdoc in the Karin de Visser lab, unraveling mechanisms by which tumors affect the immune system.

When: Wednesday January 9th, 12.30 AM
Where: Delft Technical University
Thesis: Computational Analysis of Copy Number profiles of tumors
Supervisors: Lodewyk Wessels (NKI) and Marcel Reinders (Delft Technical University)

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