We are a seeking an ambitious postdoc who is willing to work in a highly collaborative environment to conduct interdisciplinary research. Bioinformaticians as well as wet-lab genomics experts are encouraged to apply.

In our laboratory we develop and apply new genomics and bioinformatics technologies to understand how regulatory elements in mammalian genomes control gene expression. By means of a new powerful "genome scrambling" method we study how the linear and 3D architecture of the genome enables enhancers and promoters to function.

Furthermore, in the context of a 7-lab consortium we have developed deep learning algorithms to reliably predict promoter activity from DNA sequence, and we use these to understand the impact of non-coding mutations in cancer. We have also developed reporter assays to study enhancer-promoter interplay and to monitor the activity of dozens of transcription factors in parallel. These unique technology platforms, either individually or in combination, offer many opportunities for exciting postdoc projects.

Genomics Technician
We are looking for an ambitious technician with experience with DNA and RNA techniques, cell culture and transfections. We seek an enthusiastic and accurate technician who likes to work with novel genomics technologies to study gene regulation in mammalian cells. Affinity with basic bioinformatics is appreciated but not required. You will be responsible for carrying out experiments independently but in close collaboration with other researchers in our lab.

Furthermore, you will contribute to some lab management tasks. Proficiency in English and good communicative skills are important requirements, as is a team player mentality.

Applications can be sent to and should include your CV with contact information of your references, as well as a motivation letter.

The NKI values diversity and is committed to creating an inclusive work environment that stimulates the best in each individual. Applications of all individuals are welcomed regardless of age, ancestry, religion, disability, distance from the labor market, sexual orientation or gender identity.


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