Applsci 11 08881 G001 550

Feasibility of Ex Vivo Margin Assessment with Hyperspectral Imaging during Breast-Conserving Surgery: From Imaging Tissue Slices to Imaging Lumpectomy Specimen


Developing algorithms for analyzing hyperspectral images as an intraoperative tool for margin assessment during breast-conserving surgery requires a dataset with reliable histopathologic labels. The feasibility of using tissue slices hyperspectral dataset with a high correlation with histopathology for developing an algorithm for analyzing the images from the surface of lumpectomy specimens was investigated. We presented a method to acquire hyperspectral images from the lumpectomy surface with a high correlation with histopathology. 

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Applied Sciences
  • Volume 11
  • Issue nr. 19
  • Pages 8881
  • Publication date 31-08-2021

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