Boosting Antitumor Immunity with an Expanded Neoepitope Landscape.


Immune-checkpoint blockade therapy has been successfully applied to many cancers, particularly tumors that harbor a high mutational burden and consequently express a high abundance of neoantigens. However, novel approaches are needed to improve the efficacy of immunotherapy for treating tumors that lack a high load of classic genetically derived neoantigens. Recent discoveries of broad classes of nongenetically encoded and inducible neoepitopes open up new avenues for therapeutic development to enhance sensitivity to immunotherapies. In this review, we discuss recent work on neoantigen discovery, with an emphasis on novel classes of noncanonical neoepitopes.

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Cancer research
  • Volume 82
  • Issue nr. 20
  • Pages 3637-3649
  • Publication date 17-10-2022

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