Discriminating healthy from tumor tissue in breast lumpectomy specimens using deep learning-based hyperspectral imaging.


Achieving an adequate resection margin during breast-conserving surgery remains challenging due to the lack of intraoperative feedback. Here, we evaluated the use of hyperspectral imaging to discriminate healthy tissue from tumor tissue in lumpectomy specimens. We first used a dataset obtained on tissue slices to develop and evaluate three convolutional neural networks. Second, we fine-tuned the networks with lumpectomy data to predict the tissue percentages of the lumpectomy resection surface. A MCC of 0.92 was achieved on the tissue slices and an RMSE of 9% on the lumpectomy resection surface. This shows the potential of hyperspectral imaging to classify the resection margins of lumpectomy specimens.

More about this publication

Biomedical optics express
  • Volume 13
  • Issue nr. 5
  • Pages 2581-2604
  • Publication date 01-05-2022

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