Learning curve and interobserver variance in quantification of the optical coherence tomography attenuation coefficient.


The learning curve and interobserver variance of attenuation coefficient (μOCT ) determination from optical coherence tomography (OCT) images were quantified. The μOCT of normal and diseased vulvar tissues was determined at five time points by three novice students and three OCT experts who reached consensus for reference. Students received feedback between time points. Eventually, variance in μOCT was smaller in images of diseased tissue than in images of normal vulvar tissue. The difference between the consensus and student μOCT values was larger for smaller values of μOCT . We conclude that routine μOCT determination for tissue classification does not require extensive training.

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Journal of biomedical optics
  • Volume 20
  • Issue nr. 12
  • Pages 121313
  • Publication date 15-12-2015

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