Cancer Core Europe: A European cancer research alliance realizing a research infrastructure with critical mass and programmatic approach to cure cancer in the 21st century.


Translational cancer research covers the whole cancer research continuum from basic to preclinical to early clinical, late clinical and outcomes research. Basic-preclinical research is the "engine" for early clinical research bridging the early translational research gap. Cancer Core Europe has been created to construct a sustainable, high level, shared research infrastructure platform with research collaborations and taskforces (data sharing, clinical trials, genomics, immunotherapy, imaging, legal & ethical problems, and education & training) having representatives from all seven member centres, in a controlled expansion model. In parallel, a consortium of ten cancer prevention centres was established, Cancer Prevention Europe, to support the complete cancer prevention research continuum. Cancer Core Europe is launching at present the Basket of Baskets trial, which is the largest personalized cancer medicine trial effort in Europe. At present, Cancer Core Europe and Cancer Prevention Europe are in the process of integrating therapeutics and prevention strategies to address in partnership the increasing cancer problem. By offering innovative approaches for cancer research, links to the healthcare systems, development of quality-assured multidisciplinary cancer care, as well as the assessment of long-term outcomes, the infrastructure is expected to serve as a hub to connect with other centres in Europe as well as on other continents. In this manner Cancer Core Europe and Cancer Prevention Europe prepare to tackle the "Mission on Cancer", with infrastructure and proofs of concept for therapeutics and prevention, research for assessment of effectiveness, health economics and added value for patients and the healthcare systems.

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European journal of cancer (Oxford, England : 1990)
  • Volume 103
  • Pages 155-159
  • Publication date 01-11-2018

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