Delivering precision oncology to patients with cancer.


With the increasing use of genomic profiling for diagnosis and therapy guidance in many tumor types, precision oncology is rapidly reshaping cancer care. However, the current trajectory of drug development in oncology results in a paradox: if patients cannot access advanced diagnostics, we may be developing drugs that will reach few patients. In this Perspective, we outline the major challenges to the implementation of precision oncology and discuss critical steps toward resolving these, including facilitation of equal access to genomics tests, ensuring that clinical studies provide robust evidence for new drugs and technologies, enabling physicians to interpret genomics data, and empowering patients toward shared decision-making. A multi-stakeholder approach to evidence generation, value assessment, and healthcare delivery is necessary to translate advances in precision oncology into benefits for patients with cancer globally.

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Nature medicine
  • Volume 28
  • Issue nr. 4
  • Pages 658-665
  • Publication date 01-04-2022

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