Attitudes toward genetic testing, family planning and preimplantation genetic testing in families with a germline CDKN2A pathogenic variant.


Individuals with a germline CDKN2A pathogenic variant (PV) have a highly increased life time risk of melanoma and pancreatic cancer. This cross-sectional study assessed the attitudes among toward genetic testing, family planning, and preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) in confirmed CDKN2A PV carriers and individuals with a 50% risk of the PV (at-risk carriers) using of a one-time questionnaire.A total of 537 individuals were screened for eligibility, of whom 208 of 366 (57%) confirmed carriers (56% female, median age 54 years [IQR 46-63]) and 39 of 171 (23%) at-risk carriers (59% female, median age of 26 years [IQR 22-32]) participated in the study. Primary motivations for genetic testing were to gain control over their personal and children's cancer risk, as well as increasing cancer surveillance practices. In contrast, concerns about obtaining a mortgage and life insurance were frequently cited as reasons for postponing genetic testing. Family planning decisions remained largely unaffected in both confirmed and at-risk carriers; however, the majority of confirmed carriers were still unaware of their familial or personal cancer risk when starting a family. More than 60% of the participants were unfamiliar with PGT and only a minority (19% of confirmed carriers and 10% of at-risk carriers) would be open to considering PGT as a reproductive option. This study found different attitudes toward genetic testing, family planning, and PGT among individuals affected by the CDKN2A PV. Understanding these different attitudes can help clinicians to address the complexities surrounding these issues, especially for younger individuals facing difficult decisions about the timing of genetic testing, family planning, and the potential use of assisted reproductive options.

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Familial cancer
  • Publication date 01-06-2024

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