Cannulation of the jugular vein in mice: a method for serial withdrawal of blood samples.


We have developed and validated a method that allows serial drawing of blood samples in freely moving mice using a cannula that is inserted via the jugular vein into the right atrium of the heart. The cannula was tunnelled subcutaneously to the head of the animal and attached to the skin by sutures, together with a metal spring, which was covered with PVC tubing for protection of the outer part of the cannula. Samples of blood up to 250 micro l could be taken at serial time points. The blood volume in the circulation was maintained by replacement with an equal volume of blood obtained from donor animals. The applicability of this method of blood sampling for pharmacokinetic purposes was validated by comparing plasma concentrations-time curves in six cannulated animals after receiving an intravenous bolus dose of 10 mg/kg of the anti-cancer agent docetaxel versus the results in plasma samples obtained by cardiac puncture of non-cannulated mice. The presented method may lead to improved pharmacokinetic data produced from a reduced number of mice.

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Laboratory animals
  • Volume 37
  • Issue nr. 3
  • Pages 181-7
  • Publication date 01-07-2003

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