Deformable multi-modal image registration for the correlation between optical measurements and histology images.



We aim to explore the effectiveness of an automated image registration technique based on deep learning principles for aligning breast specimen images with histology images acquired through different modalities, addressing challenges posed by intensity variations and structural differences.


The accurate correlation between optical measurements and pathology relies on precise image registration, often hindered by deformations in histology images. We investigate an automated multi-modal image registration method using deep learning to align breast specimen images with corresponding histology images.


This automated registration technique offers promising potential to enhance the validation of optical technologies by minimizing human-induced errors and inconsistencies associated with manual image registration processes, thereby improving the accuracy of correlating optical measurements with pathology labels.


Unsupervised and supervised learning approaches, employing the VoxelMorph model, were examined using a dataset featuring manually registered images as ground truth.


Evaluation metrics, including Dice scores and mutual information, demonstrate that the unsupervised model exceeds the supervised (and manual) approaches significantly, achieving superior image alignment. The findings highlight the efficacy of automated registration in enhancing the validation of optical technologies by reducing human errors associated with manual registration processes.

More about this publication

Journal of biomedical optics
  • Volume 29
  • Issue nr. 6
  • Pages 066007
  • Publication date 01-06-2024

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