[Environmental regulations impede cancer research and treatment].


In order to legally conduct clinical research into new cancer treatments with medicinal products based on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and treat cancer patients with these products, Dutch hospitals must obtain an environmental permit from the Minister of Infrastructure & Water Management. In the Netherlands, permit applications are assessed more strictly than in other EU member states, even if the products do not pose any real risk to the population and the environment. As a result, Dutch patients have to wait longer before the clinical trial or therapy with these GMO products can commence. This makes current Dutch environmental policy a serious obstacle to public health. Recently physicians and researchers have therefore pleaded with Dutch MPs for an adjustment of the lower national environmental regulations. Unfortunately, these pleas were not supported by said elected members of parliament, and the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management seems to be holding on to a pointless environmental permit for clinical research and treatment of cancer patients with these GMO medicinal products.

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Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde
  • Volume 163
  • Publication date 05-12-2019

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