Idiopathic hyperammonemic encephalopathy secondary to gemcitabine-cisplatin treatment.


Idiopathic hyperammonemic encephalopathy is a rare complication of chemotherapy, which has previously mainly been associated with L-asparaginase, cytarabine and 5-FU. We present a case following treatment with gemcitabine-cisplatin in a patient with cholangiocarcinoma. The etiology of chemotherapy-induced idiopathic hyperammonemic encephalopathy remains unclear and existing theories differ per chemotherapeutic agent. Physicians treating patients with gemcitabine-cisplatin should be aware of the possibility of this complication, especially because it is treatable when recognized early.

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Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology
  • Volume 90
  • Issue nr. 5
  • Pages 417-419
  • Publication date 01-11-2022

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