Cytokinesis defects and cancer.


Whole-genome and centrosome duplication as a consequence of cytokinesis failure can drive tumorigenesis in experimental model systems. However, whether cytokinesis failure is in fact an important cause of human cancers has remained unclear. In this Review, we summarize evidence that whole-genome-doubling events are frequently observed in human cancers and discuss the contribution that cytokinesis defects can make to tumorigenesis. We provide an overview of the potential causes of cytokinesis failure and discuss how tetraploid cells that are generated through cytokinesis defects are used in cancer as a transitory state on the route to aneuploidy. Finally, we discuss how cytokinesis defects can facilitate genetic diversification within the tumour to promote cancer development and could constitute the path of least resistance in tumour evolution.

More about this publication

Nature reviews. Cancer
  • Volume 19
  • Issue nr. 1
  • Pages 32-45
  • Publication date 01-01-2019

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