Determination of oxaliplatin in human plasma and plasma ultrafiltrate by graphite-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry.


A method for sensitive determination of the anti-cancer agent oxaliplatin in human plasma and human plasma ultrafiltrate (pUF) is presented. The method is based on the quantification of platinum by graphite-furnace atomic-absorption spectrometry, with Zeeman correction and an atomisation temperature of 2,700 degrees C. Sample pretreatment involves dilution of the samples with a solution containing 0.15 mol L(-1) NaCl and 0.20 mol L(-1) HCl in water. Validation was performed in accordance with the most recent FDA guidelines for bioanalytical method validation. All results were within requirements. The validated ranges of quantification were 0.10-400 micromol L(-1) for human pUF and 0.50-400 micromol L(-1) for plasma. The assay is now successfully used to support pharmacokinetic studies of cancer patients treated with oxaliplatin.

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Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry
  • Volume 382
  • Issue nr. 7
  • Pages 1484-90
  • Publication date 01-08-2005

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