Use of Sodium Thiosulfate as an Otoprotectant in Patients With Cancer Treated With Platinum Compounds: A Review of the Literature.



Hearing loss occurs in 50%-70% of children treated with cisplatin. Scientific efforts have led to the recent approval of a pediatric formula of intravenous sodium thiosulfate (STS) for otoprotection by the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Medicines Agency, and the Medicines and Health Regulatory Authority in the United Kingdom. To inform stakeholders regarding the clinical utility of STS, the current review summarizes available literature on the efficacy, pharmacokinetics (PK), and safety of systemic STS to minimize cisplatin-induced hearing loss (CIHL).


A comprehensive narrative review is presented.


Systemic administration of STS effectively reduces the development and degree of CIHL in both the preclinical and clinical settings. More studies are needed on the PK of STS and cisplatin drug combinations, the efficacy and safety of STS in patients with disseminated disease, and the ability of STS to prevent further deterioration of pre-established hearing loss.


Thirty-one articles were summarized. Overall, systemic STS effectively reduces CIHL in the preclinical and controlled clinical study settings, in both adults and children with cancer. The extent of CIHL reduction depends on the timing and dosing of STS in relation to cisplatin. Both preclinical and clinical data suggest that systemic STS may affect plasma platinum levels, but studies are inconclusive. Delayed systemic administration of STS, at 6 hours after the cisplatin infusion, does not affect cisplatin-induced inhibition of tumor growth or cellular cytotoxicity in the preclinical setting, nor affect cisplatin efficacy and survival in children with localized disease in the clinical setting.

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Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Volume 42
  • Issue nr. 18
  • Pages 2219-2232
  • Publication date 20-06-2024

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