Supporting the Next Generation of Scientists to Lead Cancer Immunology Research.


Recent success in the use of immunotherapy for a broad range of cancers has propelled the field of cancer immunology to the forefront of cancer research. As more and more young investigators join the community of cancer immunologists, the Arthur L. Irving Family Foundation Cancer Immunology Symposium provided a platform to bring this expanding and vibrant community together and support the development of the future leaders in the field. This commentary outlines the lessons that emerged from the inaugural symposium highlighting the areas of scientific and career development that are essential for professional growth in the field of cancer immunology and beyond. Leading scientists and clinicians in the field provided their experience on the topics of scientific trajectory, career trajectory, publishing, fundraising, leadership, mentoring, and collaboration. Herein, we provide a conceptual and practical framework for career development to the broader scientific community.

More about this publication

Cancer immunology research
  • Volume 9
  • Issue nr. 11
  • Pages 1245-1251
  • Publication date 01-11-2021

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