A decade of multi-modality PET and MR imaging in abdominal oncology.



Published research papers involving multimodality PET(/CT)+MRI combinations showed an impressive increase in numbers, both for retrospective combinations of PET/CT and MRI, as well as hybrid PET/MRI. Main areas of research included new PET-tracers, visual PET(/CT)+MRI assessment for staging, and (semi-)quantitative analysis of PET-parameters compared to or combined with MRI-parameters as predictive biomarkers. In line with literature, we also observed a vast increase in numbers of multimodality PET/CT+MRI imaging in our institutional data.


The role of multimodality imaging in oncology is rapidly evolving. This paper summarizes the main applications and recent developments in multimodality imaging, with a specific focus on the combination of PET+MRI in abdominal oncology.


The tremendous increase in published literature on multimodality imaging, reflected by our institutional data, shows the continuously growing interest in comprehensive multivariable imaging evaluations to guide oncological practice.


First, we performed a literature search (2009-2018) including all papers published on the multimodality combination of PET(/CT) and MRI in abdominal oncology. Retrieved papers were categorized according to a structured labelling system, including study design and outcome, cancer and lesion type under investigation and PET-tracer type. Results were analysed using descriptive statistics and evolutions over time were plotted graphically. Second, we performed a descriptive analysis of the numbers of MRI, PET/CT and multimodality PET/CT+MRI combinations (performed within a ≤14 days interval) performed during a similar time span at our institution.


To investigate trends observed in a decade of published research on multimodality PET(/CT)+MR imaging in abdominal oncology, and to explore how these trends are reflected by the use of multimodality imaging performed at our institution.

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The British journal of radiology
  • Volume 94
  • Issue nr. 1126
  • Pages 20201351
  • Publication date 01-10-2021

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