Effects of a pre-visit online information tool about genetic counselling for ovarian cancer patients, a randomized controlled trial.



Between 2016 and 2018, 127 ovarian cancer patients referred for genetic counseling in our hospital participated in this trial. 104 Patients were analyzed. All patients filled out questionnaires pre- and post-counseling. The intervention group also completed a questionnaire after visiting an online tool. Length of consultation, patients' satisfaction, knowledge, anxiety, depression and distress were compared before and after counselling.


Use of an educational tool may lead to a more effective, personalized way of genetic counselling and enables shared decision making.


The intervention group had the same level of knowledge compared to the counseling group, but at an earlier point in time. They were satisfied with the intervention (86%) and better prepared for counseling (66%). The intervention did not lead to shorter consultations. No differences in levels of anxiety, depression, distress and satisfaction were observed.


In the Netherlands, patients with ovarian cancer are offered genetic testing. Pre-test preparation may help counseling patients. The aim of this study was to determine if use of a web-based intervention, leads to more effective genetic counseling of ovarian cancer patients.


Although consultation length was unaffected, the improvements in knowledge after online education and patients satisfaction indicates that this tool can be an effective addition to genetic counseling.

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Patient education and counseling
  • Volume 113
  • Pages 107786
  • Publication date 01-08-2023

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