Crystal structure of the tubulin tyrosine carboxypeptidase complex VASH1-SVBP.


The cyclic enzymatic removal and ligation of the C-terminal tyrosine of α-tubulin generates heterogeneous microtubules and affects their functions. Here we describe the crystal and solution structure of the tubulin carboxypeptidase complex between vasohibin (VASH1) and small vasohibin-binding protein (SVBP), which folds in a long helix, which stabilizes the VASH1 catalytic domain. This structure, combined with molecular docking and mutagenesis experiments, reveals which residues are responsible for recognition and cleavage of the tubulin C-terminal tyrosine.

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Nature structural & molecular biology
  • Volume 26
  • Issue nr. 7
  • Pages 567-570
  • Publication date 01-07-2019

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