Descriptive analysis of MRI functional changes occurring during reduced dose radiotherapy for myxoid liposarcomas.



MLS are heterogenous lesions, characterised by a slow gradual contrast-agent uptake. Pre-treatment vascular parameters, early changes to tumour volume, vascular parameters and T2* have potential in identifying response to treatment. The delayed (Gd) is a suitable descriptive parameter, relying simply on T1 measurements. Volume changes precede changes in MLS functionality and could be used to identify early response.


Myxoid liposarcomas (MLS) show enhanced response to radiotherapy due to their distinctive vascular pattern and therefore could be effectively treated with lower radiation doses. This is a descriptive study to explore the use of functional MRI to identify response in a uniform cohort of MLS patients treated with reduced dose radiotherapy.


MLS are are characterised by slow gradual contrast-agent uptake. Measurement of the delayed contrast-agent uptake (Gd) is simple to implement and able to discriminate response.


10 patients with MLS were imaged pre-, during, and post-radiotherapy receiving reduced dose radiotherapy and the response to treatment was histopathologically assessed post-radiotherapy. Apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC), T2* relaxation time, volume transfer constant (Ktrans), initial area under the gadolinium curve over 60 s (IAUGC60) and (Gd) were estimated for a central tumour volume.


All parameters showed large inter- and intrasubject variabilities. Pre-treatment (Gd), IAUGC60 and Ktrans were significantly different between responders and non-responders. Post-radiotherapy reductions from baseline were demonstrated for T2*, (Gd), IAUGC60 and Ktrans for responders. No statistically significant ADC differences were demonstrated between the two response groups. Significantly greater early tumour volume reductions were observed for responders.

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The British journal of radiology
  • Volume 94
  • Issue nr. 1126
  • Pages 20210310
  • Publication date 01-10-2021

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