The intravenous to oral switch of taxanes: strategies and current clinical developments.


The taxanes paclitaxel, docetaxel and cabazitaxel are important anticancer agents that are widely used as intravenous treatment for several solid tumor types. Switching from intravenous to oral treatment can be more convenient for patients, improve cost-effectiveness and reduce the demands of chemotherapy treatment on hospital care. However, oral treatment with taxanes is challenging because of pharmaceutical and pharmacological factors that lead to low oral bioavailability. This review summarizes the current clinical developments in oral taxane treatment. Intravenous parent drugs, strategies in the oral switch, individual agents in clinical trials, challenges and further perspectives on treatment with oral taxanes are subsequently discussed.

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Future oncology (London, England)
  • Volume 17
  • Issue nr. 11
  • Pages 1379-1399
  • Publication date 01-04-2021

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