Heterogeneity in functional genetic screens: friend or foe?


Functional genetic screens to uncover tumor-intrinsic nodes of immune resistance have uncovered numerous mechanisms by which tumors evade our immune system. However, due to technical limitations, tumor heterogeneity is imperfectly captured with many of these analyses. Here, we provide an overview of the nature and sources of heterogeneity that are relevant for tumor-immune interactions. We argue that this heterogeneity may actually contribute to the discovery of novel mechanisms of immune evasion, given a sufficiently large and heterogeneous set of input data. Taking advantage of tumor cell heterogeneity, we provide proof-of-concept analyses of mechanisms of TNF resistance. Thus, consideration of tumor heterogeneity is imperative to increase our understanding of immune resistance mechanisms.

More about this publication

Frontiers in immunology
  • Volume 14
  • Pages 1162706
  • Publication date 03-07-2023

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