Registration methods for surgical navigation of the mandible: a systematic review.


Image-to-patient registration in navigated mandibular surgery is complex due to the mobile nature of the mandible compared with other craniofacial bones. As a result, surgical navigation is rarely employed in the mandibular region. This systematic review provides an overview of the different registration methods that are used for surgical navigation of the mandible. A systematic search was performed in the MEDLINE Ovid, Scopus, and Embase databases on March 25, 2021. Search terms included synonyms for mandibular surgery, surgical navigation, and registration methods. Articles about navigated mandibular surgery, where the registration method was explicitly mentioned, were included. The database search yielded a total of 2952 articles, from which 81 articles remained for analysis. Four main registration methods were identified: point registration, surface registration, hybrid registration, and computer vision-based registration. The mobility of the mandible is accounted for by either keeping the mandible in a fixed position during preoperative imaging and surgery, or by tracking the mandibular movements. Although different registration methods are available for navigated mandibular surgery, there is always a trade-off between accuracy, registration time, usability, and invasiveness. Future studies should focus on testing the different methods in larger patient studies and should report the registration accuracy.

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International journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Volume 51
  • Issue nr. 10
  • Pages 1318-1329
  • Publication date 01-10-2022

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