Identification and characterization of a novel antigen complex on mouse mammary tumor cells using a monoclonal antibody against platelet glycoprotein Ic.


The rat monoclonal antibody GoH3 identifies a complex of glycoproteins Ic and IIa on human and mouse platelets. The GoH3 epitope is located on glycoprotein Ic. A novel glycoprotein complex is identified by GoH3 on the surface membranes of mouse mammary epithelial tumor cells. This antigen complex is composed of glycoprotein Ic noncovalently associated with a monomor or a disulfide-linked multimer of a high molecular weight glycoprotein (Ic-binding protein (IcBP]. Glycoprotein Ic is synthesized as a large precursor with asparagine N-linked high mannose oligosaccharides. Processing of this precursor involves a proteolytic cleavage of the large polypeptides into two smaller disulfide-linked polypeptide chains, Ic alpha (heavy) and Ic beta (light), and conversion of the majority of the high mannose oligosaccharides into complex-type glycans. Likewise, glycoprotein IcBP is initially glycosylated with high mannose asparagine N-linked oligosaccharides which are processed to complex units in the mature form. Association of glycoprotein Ic with IcBP occurs within the cell soon after their synthesis. The kinetics of labeling show non-coordinate processing consistent with the idea that the concentration of glycoprotein Ic limits complex formation and the subsequent processing of glycoprotein IcBP.

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The Journal of biological chemistry
  • Volume 263
  • Issue nr. 28
  • Pages 14030-8
  • Publication date 05-10-1988

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