Interplay of OATP1A/1B/2B1 uptake transporters and ABCB1 and ABCG2 efflux transporters in the handling of bilirubin and drugs.


Transmembrane drug transporters can be important determinants of the pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and safety profiles of drugs. To investigate the potential cooperative and/or counteracting interplay of OATP1A/1B/2B1 uptake transporters and ABCB1 and ABCG2 efflux transporters in physiology and pharmacology, we generated a new mouse model (Bab12), deficient for Slco1a/1b, Slco2b1, Abcb1a/1b and Abcg2. Bab12 mice were viable and fertile. We compared wild-type, Slco1a/1b/2b1-/-, Abcb1a/1b;Abcg2-/- and Bab12 strains. Endogenous plasma conjugated bilirubin levels ranked as follows: wild-type = Abcb1a/1b;Abcg2-/- << Slco1a/1b/2b1-/- < Bab12 mice. Plasma levels of rosuvastatin and fexofenadine were elevated in Slco1a/1b/2b1-/- and Abcb1a/1b;Abcg2-/- mice compared to wild-type, and dramatically increased in Bab12 mice. Although systemic exposure of larotrectinib and repotrectinib was substantially increased in the separate multidrug transporter knockout strains, no additive effects were observed in the combination Bab12 mice. Significantly higher plasma exposure of fluvastatin and pravastatin was only found in Slco1a/1b/2b1-deficient mice. However, noticeable transport by Slco1a/1b/2b1 and Abcb1a/1b and Abcg2 across the BBB was observed for fluvastatin and pravastatin, respectively, by comparing Bab12 mice with Abcb1a/1b;Abcg2-/- or Slco1a/1b/2b1-/- mice. Quite varying behavior in plasma exposure of erlotinib and its metabolites was observed among these strains. Bab12 mice revealed that Abcb1a/1b and/or Abcg2 can contribute to conjugated bilirubin elimination when Slco1a/1b/2b1 are absent. Our results suggest that the interplay of Slco1a/1b/2b1, Abcb1a/1b, and Abcg2 could markedly affect the pharmacokinetics of some, but not all drugs and metabolites. The Bab12 mouse model will represent a useful tool for optimizing drug development and clinical application, including efficacy and safety.

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Biomedicine & pharmacotherapy = Biomedecine & pharmacotherapie
  • Volume 175
  • Pages 116644
  • Publication date 01-06-2024

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