Point Projection Mapping System for Tracking, Registering, Labeling, and Validating Optical Tissue Measurements.


The validation of newly developed optical tissue-sensing techniques for tumor detection during cancer surgery requires an accurate correlation with the histological results. Additionally, such an accurate correlation facilitates precise data labeling for developing high-performance machine learning tissue-classification models. In this paper, a newly developed Point Projection Mapping system will be introduced, which allows non-destructive tracking of the measurement locations on tissue specimens. Additionally, a framework for accurate registration, validation, and labeling with the histopathology results is proposed and validated on a case study. The proposed framework provides a more-robust and accurate method for the tracking and validation of optical tissue-sensing techniques, which saves time and resources compared to the available conventional techniques.

More about this publication

Journal of imaging
  • Volume 10
  • Issue nr. 2
  • Publication date 30-01-2024

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