Caskin2 is a novel talin- and Abi1-binding protein that promotes cell motility.


Talin (herein referring collectively to talin 1 and 2) couples the actomyosin cytoskeleton to integrins and transmits tension to the extracellular matrix. Talin also interacts with numerous additional proteins capable of modulating the actin-integrin linkage and thus downstream mechanosignaling cascades. Here, we demonstrate that the scaffold protein Caskin2 interacts directly with the R8 domain of talin through its C-terminal LD motif. Caskin2 also associates with the WAVE regulatory complex to promote cell migration in an Abi1-dependent manner. Furthermore, we demonstrate that the Caskin2-Abi1 interaction is regulated by growth factor-induced phosphorylation of Caskin2 on serine 878. In MCF7 and UACC893 cells, which contain an amplification of CASKIN2, Caskin2 localizes in plasma membrane-associated plaques and around focal adhesions in cortical microtubule stabilization complexes. Taken together, our results identify Caskin2 as a novel talin-binding protein that might not only connect integrin-mediated adhesion to actin polymerization but could also play a role in crosstalk between integrins and microtubules.

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Journal of cell science
  • Volume 137
  • Issue nr. 9
  • Publication date 01-05-2024

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